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Did you know 83% of users wants to discover a brand’s personality thought social media, and we are best to do that at simple and Eazyway…


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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that frequently asked by our clients 😀

You already know that the world’s gone social. In fact, 30% of Internet users spent time online and half of allocated to social media. If you want to get in front of people, social media is the way to do it. Whether you’re interested in brand awareness, sponsored content, or a combination of both, we can help!

The short answer is: it depends. While Facebook is a great starting point, we like to get to know each client on an individual basis. Because every brand is unique, deciding which platform to spend time on relies on factors like where your audience is, what products and/or services your business provides and the goals you wish to achieve.

Very Effective: Your company’s social media strategy should absolutely include video, especially for platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Every mainstream social media channel can support video assets, and 81% of businesses use video marketing to boost brand awareness and sales (like, HubSpot/ 2018). Try incorporating a mix of live and produced (scripted and edited) videos into your social media strategy. These days, you can create social media–worthy videos with just a smartphone and an editing app – and there are free apps out there to help with this.

We always help our clients with their social media strategy to increase their brand visibility, and social awareness. Our team can create highly engaging content that will help you attract new customers and boost your sales. We also offer sponsored ads services to help you reach your target audience more effectively.

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